Advanced Course

InKings will be continuing our advanced course in Communication and Beyond Public Speaking –“Connect Consciously” later in 2022.

This course is open to past participants of our introductory classes i.e. SPARKS, Introduction to Public Speaking.

Maximum number of participants is 6 (six). This is to ensure each person receives personalised attention and to allow for delivery of longer presentations

Dates To Be Announced

A total of 18 hours plus a one-hour individual coaching session

You will be trained to:
• Prepare a structured 15-minute presentation.
• Deliver a 15-minute presentation that engages and sustains audience interest.
• Optimise physical and verbal skills to improve virtual presentations.
• Effectively express ideas and emotions in formal, informal settings and daily interactions.
• Improve and utilize the natural tone of your voice through use of vocal exercises.
• As a group, co-ordinate and deliver an impacting event comprising presentations and moderation or guided by an MC, to an invited audience (take part in a webinar).

Topics include:
• Exploring structure tools
• Why are you speaking? What are you saying? What do you stand for?
• Building around one big idea
• Improving storytelling and creating images in the mind of your audience
• Creating experiences for the audience
• The importance of integrity, truth, authority, authenticity
• What is persuasive speech?
• Open with impact and close with style
• How emotion impacts the message
• Being creative with technical and business presentations
• Impromptu talks/presentations – speaking “off the cuff”
• Master of Ceremonies, vote of thanks, moderating a panel, opening/closing a meeting

If you are interested in participating, please contact us via reply to this email to reserve your space.

You may also call – Barbara = 774-4942, Garfield = 774-0965