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<strong>Training to suit your needs

Training to suit your needs

Say It Like You Mean It! – Public Speaking and Presentation Skills for personal development and career enhancement

Sparks – Public Speaking and Communication Skills to Inspire and Motivate for Change

Communication Coaching – Personalised Communication Coaching to help you express yourself and communicate at your best

Find Your Voice – Training in Radio Broadcasting, Podcasting, Voice Acting

Parent Coaching – Working with you to identify a specific parenting goal and move towards its achievement with empathetic support


Communication is at the heart of all relationships

Regardless of what business you are in – a large corporation, a small company, or even a home-based business – effective communication skills are essential for success.

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Communication is at the heart of all relationships



Speak To Inspire Change


Beyond Public Speaking & Communication Training

For persons seeking to motivate or inspire for positive change

Find something of yourself that is powerful
and express that self effectively

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What Clients Say

  • A complete eye-opener

    This course was a complete eye-opener and great foundation on the topic of communicating with audiences both on personal and professional levels. The art of communicating and the tools needed to garner interest from audiences were laid out beautifully in this course. The atmosphere which was conducive with learning felt comfortable and comforting.

    Denyse Renne
  • Also applicable to communicating with oneself

    I have seen an improvement in my day-to-day communication and the ability to express myself with emotion. This is a wonderful course.

    Gabriel Gomez
  • I feel much more confident speaking

    This course has encouraged me to look within myself and identify my own internal anxiety. Facing this, helped me face my fear of communication and speaking in public.

    Justine D.
  • More than Public Speaking

    This was more than a communication and public speaking course as it delved deep into some areas of self-development that I didn’t come prepared to address and for that I am forever grateful.

    Mtima Solwazi, ROOTS Foundation
  • The best investment made towards my personal development

    The advice and class presentations helped me face my challenges head-on and lead me to be a better speaker. I am now confident speaking in any setting, and I will now even volunteer myself to speak; something that I would have never done before SPARKS!

    Amelia D.
  • Dedication and passion for what you do and commitment to students

    The training provided was tremendous, and our virtual sessions during the peak of the pandemic displayed your dedication and passion for what you do and your commitment to your students.

    Avian F.
  • Making people the best communicators they can be

    The focus on developing me, to be the best communicator I could possibly be, did wonders for my confidence. This shy introvert turned into someone who can confidently walk into a room and strike up a conversation with a stranger!

    Analise K.
  • My ideas are more structured

    I feel more confident in my choice of words. Comfortable giving pause as I think. And forgiving myself when I stumble. My ideas are more structured. The opening lines to my speeches are more memorable than ever before, so much so that a member of my audience said she’d be using my line in her next talk!

    Rhonda B.
  • I am more conscious of how I speak and express myself

    I am thoroughly satisfied I took the opportunity to invest in myself and did this course which has changed my outlook on public speaking. What I thought was a natural trait turned out to be simply raw talent that needed to be fine-tuned. Now I am more conscious of how I speak and the way I express myself.

    Ridje B.
  • I feel empowered and I want to share this experience with others

    Thank you for being honest and very patient with me as well as tremendously encouraging. As a future music educator, this course has helped me understand better how to share and deliver in detail, the lessons I will have to impart to others. It has already begun to change the way I direct the choir I serve with at church.

    Marsha J.W.
  • The programme was directly beneficial to my work

    Although the programme was about public speaking, it had a bigger benefit for me by sharpening my oral and writing communication skills, learning what details are irrelevant for the audience and hence making my message clearer and actionable. The programme was directly beneficial to my work and has improved my skills as a public servant.

    Anesa A.R.
  • A true game changer!

    This is an investment of a lifetime, guaranteed returns forever. You will never open your mouth to speak ever again without true consideration and appreciation for those with whom you are communicating.

    You will leave this course with the added bonus of always being conscious of the power and value your words have in them if executed properly.

    Shaanta J. R.
<p style="font-size: 32px">Authentic Communication

Authentic Communication

Effectively express yourself

Clients include public and private sector organisations, corporate executives, Non Governmental Organisations, entrepreneurs, diplomats, professionals, educators and students.

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